Important Ticketing Information

Please Be Aware: and are the only official sources for tickets to shows at the Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts. The Schaefer Center is not responsible for tickets purchased from third party sellers. Tickets sold via unofficial sources may be invalid or not accepted at Schaefer Center shows. The Schaefer Center is unable to assist buyers of third party tickets and patrons must return to their point of purchase for assistance.

Tickets sold via and are the only guaranteed and verified authentic tickets for Schaefer Center events. Please check the URL in your browser to ensure that you are only purchasing from or Please note that all ticket sales are final.

Don’t Forget: Cover the Code!
Always cover the code when posting ticket photos online or on Social Media. The barcode can be easily copied from a photo and resold. This includes paper tickets, print-at-home tickets and mobile tickets — basically ALL tickets with unique barcodes. Scalpers can take these images and make counterfeits – potentially invalidating your tickets. Please do NOT take photos of your ticket stubs and post them on social media sites before the event. We want you to enjoy the show and avoid the heartache.